How to Display Gorgeous Canvas Prints for Your Business or Home

A form of artwork that is becoming more and more popular is the canvas print. Canvas prints are created when images are printed and then stretched and fit a frame, and they are highly lauded for their ability to resemble an oil or acrylic painting. Customizable options allow you to have your own photography or favorite images turned into canvas prints, which you can display as artwork in your home or place of business. In this article, we will give you some tips on how to select the perfect images for a truly gorgeous and unique works of canvas printing art.

If you are a photographer, you can display your best work in a crisp and unique way by having them printed on canvas. This can be done whether you engage in photography professionally or as a hobby. Of course, you want to select the images that you are not only the proudest of but are visually striking. Therefore, you want to choose images with a variety of colors, especially colors that complement each other, and subjects that are clear and centered within the shot.

The best way to display your photographs using canvas printing is to choose one image if you plan to have it printed to a larger size canvas or several smaller images with one theme, or from a collection of yours, per wall. Canvas prints are excellent for the private “museum” if you will, or as a professional and public viewing of your best work. You can use the canvas print version of your image to show potential clients what they could purchase, or even offer these canvas prints themselves for sale.

Of course, you can always choose to have images you are not responsible for having created printed on canvas. The only thing to make sure of is that you have the freedom to use these images when it comes to licensing. Excellent images include city shots, maps, nature photos, and the like. Many businesses these days are using canvas prints to decorate their office(s), and if you own a business you can certainly do the same. These are very sophisticated and unique forms of artwork that really spruce up a professional setting.

What about for the home? Perhaps you want to display photos that have meaning for you and your loved ones in a beautiful and artistic way. Canvas printing is the perfect option for showing off those wedding photos, newborn shots, school photos, and even those vacation pictures from your summer.

You will want to decide which direction you want to go in when it comes to which material your canvas prints are made of. The most common materials are cotton and polyester. Cotton tends to be a little more expensive and lasts longer than polyester. However, polyester is known for being bright and vibrant and easier on the budget. We recommend that you contact a vendor of canvas prints in order to make the best choice for you so that you can enjoy your canvas prints for years to come.

Canvas Printing Allows Photographs To be Converted Into Heirloom Pieces

Canvas has been used for centuries as a base for paintings and is a material that is usually made from cotton. It is now also made by mixing it with other materials or poly-cotton. This material is now used for printing and printing on to canvas has become quite popular because of the revolutionary printing techniques that have been developed in recent times.

Canvas made from cotton stands a lot of wear and tear, and canvas printing allows any painting or even photograph to be turned into a work of art that can occupy pride of place in a home, an office or other places. Canvas printing requires a computer and an inkjet printer to produce any canvas print of high quality. Inks used are dye inks or UV inks that can resist the effect of the sun. UV inks are more often used as they can give prints that can last for years.

For canvas printing, you would first need to create the image on the computer, or by scanning a photograph or other art piece. The computer must then be hooked on to a color printer that has the right type of inks. Most printers prefer to use UV inks. Printers must have a capacity for good color calibration so that the exact colors of the original photo or art piece are copied in the print that is being made on canvas.

Canvas prints can be further coated with materials that are transparent and can make the canvas waterproof. It is customary to mount canvas prints on frames where as far as possible the print is held from the sides. The canvas used must feel like fabric and must be ideally woven to 500 GSM (grams per square meter). The material must not have any sheen or glare. Images must be printed deep into the canvas, as then these canvas prints can last for decades and become family heirlooms. Most professional canvas printing professionals will mount the print on stretcher frames, a process that is carried out by hand.

Photos work best for canvas printing when they have a density of 100 dpi, which most good digital cameras will ensure. Canvas printing is carried out by many companies as an online service, and many of these companies will have tools for checking photographs that the customer can use before sending any photographs for printing. This way the item to be printed can be checked before any order is placed.

Canvas printing that uses deep fiber printing will give the optimum results. Deep fiber printing brings out the colors and creates prints that display a lot of dynamism and energy. It can make for wall art that can last for years and without any need for maintenance.

Online printing companies that undertake such work can deliver the prints within 24 hours. You will have to specify the canvas that is to be used and the framing and stretching required. They can also send you proofs of the image that will be printed, for approval, before the actual printing is undertaken.

Canvas Printing Online Benefits

If you are on the search for a way to fill your house with art and add a splash of personality, then canvas prints might be the addition that you are looking for. Art and photos stretched over a canvas tend to make interesting art pieces that look excellent in any room of a house. Knowing how these prints are made with the help of online printing software will certainly help you get started with this great investment. With the help of an online based printing program (, you can be able to create a canvas printed with a photo or a distinct painting. Knowing the available options as well as how canvas prints will appear in your residence will help you create exciting new art for your living space.

What’s The Appeal of Printing Art onto a Canvas?

If you are interested in hanging new art on your walls, it is easy to see why canvas printing can be an excellent option. There’s no need to get a frame while you can take full advantage of a clean canvas design. The photograph or painting is wrapped around the canvas and the back of the image can be easily hang up using a nail. With no need for a frame, the cost of doing this is relatively low and creates a clean and stylish art piece.

Customizing Canvas Prints

With numerous options out there on how an art piece can appear, it’s really up to you when it comes to customization. Whether you want to hand a formal photo of your loved ones, an appealing landscape or even a cute print of your pet, the canvas will end up looking great. Online programs make it easy to choose an image from your computer or mobile device and upload it to the site for ordering.

The best thing about these services is that you get to preview the product with the image wrapped around the canvas before ordering. It is important that you upload an image with a high resolution. The more the pixels, the better the results. This will ensure that the final product comes out clear, with the clarity and quality that you were hoping for. If there are any issues with your photograph, the online programs do an excellent job of notifying you before you make the order.

The Best Types of Photographs

If you are looking for the best canvas art your money can buy, then you should go for subjects and colors of various photographs. For the canvas to have the best overall look, pick an image that won’t look weird on the sides as a result of wrapping. This usually means picking a photograph where the subject is located at the center. Picking colors that will complement your home decor is another thing that you should consider as it will ensure that the canvas is a perfect fit.

Purchasing a canvas print by utilizing canvas printing online software is an excellent way to create an entirely customized art piece. You should take the time to consider various types of mages that would look excellent around a canvas as it will help ascertain a perfect overall look for your home. Online canvas printing programs make revising any problems before making the purchase a breeze. Instead of going to a local printing store, you should consider the hassle-free option of ordering your canvas print at the comfort of your home.